Don't worry Eschal

I know you didn't create the All Characters Category. Sammm has been off the wiki for the while and since then a couple of duplicate wikis have been imported on to this one resulting in the All Categories section being an absolute mess of duplicate categories. I am considering in writing a list of all the categories which could be useful on the wiki and I could do with some help on the topic since we have few Septimus Heap Experts on the wiki.

Also I would like to ask three questions currently I'm setting up a Maps system on the wiki with the help of Celess22. But also so other stuff so which do you think would be best to prioritise:

  • Listing Characters and events in the book so the wiki can aid people in remebering things that they forget from the books
  • Listing the lore of the Septimus Heap Universe like I try to do on (The World of Septimus Heap page (Don't read if you haven't read TodHunter Moon series because of Spoilers) and attempt to interconnect the things which other readers may miss about the world of Septimus Heap including information which Angie Sage has written on the Septimus Heap about the World to fans.
  • Also would you like the wiki to create maps which merge all of Mark Zug's beautifully drawn maps to create a single map of the world of Septimus Heap?

Feel free to respond on my talk page :-)

Chrestomanci (Talk) 15:54, January 13, 2018 (UTC)

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