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The Queen is the head of The Castle. The royal line passes through the female. The Queen lives in The Palace. There is also probably a magical element to being the Queen, as all Queens have violet eyes and are unaffected by Wizard eyes. Also, Nicko Heap blames Jenna's consistently being in tough situations on "Queen stuff."


The first Queen documented in history arrived floating on a wooden barge from an unknown land and came to rest near the small village which was to be The Castle. Although the Queen practiced different rituals, ate different food, and even spoke a different language, the villagers came to respect and admire her. The villagers built a palace for the queen that was added to many times over the years. One famous Queen was Queen Etheldredda, who ruled 500 years before Jenna's time. She was an evil, malicious woman who was the last Queen to wear the True Crown. She was succeeded by her daughter Esmeralda, who Jenna is often mistaken for by the Ancient Ghosts. The Queen resides in the Queen's Room. The ghost of Jenna's mother, Queen Cerys, is still there, but will not show herself until the Time is Right.[citation needed]

List of Queens

Queen Etheldredda

NOTE: Some of the names on this list are only assumed to have existed, and unfortunately there are no reliable sources that state that they reigned at some point in the timeline.[citation needed]


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