The Boggart is a Marsh creature and very close to Zelda Zenuba Heap. He stays in a mud patch just off Draggen Island in the Marram Marshes. He has a good knowledge of the marshes and wishes to be left alone during the day.[citation needed] His name is Boggart, although he is more frequently referred to as "The Boggart" or "Zelda's Boggart" by others.[1]


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The Boggart was shot by Merrin Meredith (at the time known as DomDaniel's Apprentice). However, Zelda mended the wound and he recovered.[citation needed]



The Boggart frequently complains about the tasks he is given, although he is very loyal to Zelda and carries them out anyways. He is afraid of wolfhounds due to the Boggart Hunts that eliminated most of the Marram Marsh Boggarts, and therefore does not get along with Maxie.[citation needed]

Physical attributes

The Boggart is a seallike creature with mud-brown skin covered in slippery brown fur. He has bright black eyes, which he constantly complains about the sun hurting. His fingers are webbed and have broad black claws. Due to making his home in the mud patch, he tends to be coated in mud.[citation needed]

The Boggart is noted to have a deep, gurgling voice, and speaks with a broad marshland drawl.[2]


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