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The Queste is a challenge. An ExtraOrdinary Apprentice draws either the Questing Stone or a normal stone. If the Questing stone is drawen, he or she must do the Queste, where they usually end up dying, except Septimus Heap, who completed his Queste and Syrah Syara, who escaped it.


The true intend of the Queste was that the apprentice travels to the House of Foryx, where they could spend one night discussing with Hotep-Ra. Tertius Fume, however, made the Queste a fear-filled game, where Apprentices, that have been drawed Questing stones could lose their lives.[citation needed]

Known participants

  • Unnamed 19 apprentices (all deceased)[citation needed]
  • Unnamed apprentice of Julius Pike (deceased)[citation needed]
  • Syrah Syara (escaped and survived)[citation needed]
  • Septimus Heap (survived and succeeded)[citation needed]