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Miarr Catt is the guardian of CattRokk Lighthouse off the coast of the Isles of Syren. He is human, descended from the Guardians of the Seas in the Days of Beyond, but CatConnected long back in the family tree.[citation needed] His relative Mirano and himself were the last of the Catt family.


Mirano was thrown into the sea by the Crowe twins. Miarr searched for Mirano with the Red Tube, but could never find him. Miarr guarded the Sphere of Light contained in the lighthouse for many long years. Skipper Fry and the Crowe twins took the Sphere of Light and used up one more of Miarr's nine lives (all cats have nine lives). Then, he met Lucy Gringe and Wolf Boy, and they set off in the Red Tube to retrieve Miarr's precious Sphere of Light.[1]


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