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The Marram Marshes are located south of the Castle. Difficult to navigate and dangerous to be in, most people avoid visiting the Marram Marshes unless they absolutely must. The main reason anyone goes there is to visit Aunt Zelda.

Creatures and Things

Boggart: The seallike creature with slippery brown fur, the Boggart is a nocturnal Marsh creature. He can speak intelligently and often helps Aunt Zelda. In Queen Etheldredda's time, there was more than one Boggart in the Marram Marshes.

Brownies: Red-eyed creatures who invade and destroy houses and floundering ships. They also drag people down in Quake Ooze

Marsh Fire: A fiery spirit that lures travelers into the Quake Ooze

Marsh Moaner: A creature that evaporates in the day. It's sole purpose is to reduce a traveler to a gibbering wreck by singing and moaning tunelessly.

Marsh Python: A large snake that lives in the Mott. It is partial to goats and other large animals, but avoids eating humans because it hates the taste of boots.

Quake Ooze: A substance that is like muddy quicksand and is often occupied by Brownies.

Water Nixies: A water sprite that likes to stick their suckers to things, especially the bottoms of boats.

Marsh Cat: A cat that lives in the Marsh.

Occupants (Current and Otherwise)

Aunt Zelda: Zelda Zanuba Heap is Silas Heap's aunt and the Keeper of the Dragon Boat. She lives in a cottage that contains half of the Queen's Way on Draggen Island.

Jake and Barry Parfitt: Jake and Barry were the swimmers who were cast off DomDaniel's ship. They managed to stay afloat on a chicken boat and when the tide went down, they stayed on what is now known as Chicken Island.

Merrin Meredith: Merrin Meredith was rescued from being Consumed by Aunt Zelda and lived with her for a year and a half before Simon Heap took him away.

The Dragon Boat: The Dragon Boat lived under Keeper's Cottage for centuries until she was brought into the sunlight once more by the Darke storm of DomDaniel. She was later brought to the Castle by Septimus Heap, Jenna Heap, and Nicko Heap.


Chicken Island: The home of Jake and Barry Parfitt and a lot of chickens.

Draggen Island: An island that is shaped like an egg half submerged into the Mott, this is where Keeper's Cottage is and where the Dragon Boat once lived.

Keeper's Cottage: Keeper's Cottage is located on Draggen Island and is the home of Aunt Zelda.

The Mott: Surrounds Draggen Island