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The Manuscriptorium is located at Number 13, Wizard Way.[citation needed] It is a place where the scribes, copy and/or make incantations, potions, books, charms, spells and many more. The place is watched over by the Chief Hermetic Scribe. There are many kinds of scribes in the Manuscriptorium. It also has a hatch that leads to the Ice Tunnels. The One and All Spell is applied in the Manuscriptorium which means if one door was locked all doors were locked.[citation needed] Altogether the Manuscriptorium is a busy and wealthy place, because many people come and go at all times.


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The Manuscriptorium holds the Front Office, the long tables that the scribes use to work in, the Hermetic Chamber, the Manuscriptorium courtyard, and the Wild Book and Charm Store.[citation needed]