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Magyk refers to the powers of wizards and witches. These include the ability to sense things, and to cause others to forget things.  Magyk appears to be a highly advanced form of technology. The seventh son of a seventh son is said to have extraordinary Magykal powers.

Wizards at the Wizard Tower also wear blue Ordinary Wizard Robes, except for the ExtraOrdinary Wizard who wears purple robes instead. Wizards' Apprentices wear green robes.

Occurrence of Magykal Abilities 

Most people can perform a few basic spells but in order to do more advanced forms of Magyk or Darke Magyk, a person needs to have talent at Magyk.

Magykal talent has a chance of occurring in anybody but being related to other people with the talent will increase that person's chance of having it through inheritance.

Magykal Eye Colours

Eye colour is a mutable quality which is affected by the learning of Magyk and Darke Magyk and whether or not the said person has any ability. Angie Sage mentioned that:

Most people can learn to do a spell or two, but it doesn’t mean they have a Magykal part of themselves. Magyk is a skill that, up to a point, can be taught. But to go further you have to have a natural talent, which Jenna does not have. Only if you have this talent do your eyes turn green.

Angie Sage, [The Official Septimus Heap Blog]

Wizards' eyes become green when they are exposed to Magyk learning. The Heap Children as an example used to have either blue or grey eyes but their eyes turned green in colour once they had learnt enough Magyk. ShapeShifters being wizards also have green eyes.

Witches' eyes can vary although the most powerful witches always have blue eyes. Zelda Heap is a good example with her sky blue eyes which indicate that she is a white witch. Warlocks are male witches (a rare breed) so they also have blue eyes. Witch unlike wizards can be born with their magical eye colour or develop it later like wizards

Using Darke Magyk affects Magykal green eyes and gives them little flecks of black until eventually the green is lost.

As mentioned in the quote above, whether or not a person's eye colour will change depends on two things: Their ability to do Magyk since non-magykal peoples' eyes won't change no matter how much Magyk they are exposed to or in the case of with the talent for Magyk - the amount of Magyk that they are exposed to.