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List of Charms and Spells from The World of Septimus Heap.


  • Alarm: Lets the person who activates it know when an intruder tries to use the Alarmed object, such as unlocking a lock.[citation needed]
  • Anti-Darke Chants: Helps counteract Darke Magyk.[citation needed]
  • Awake: Awakens jinni.[citation needed]


  • Banish: Expell someone or something from the Castle.[citation needed]
  • Bar: Make a door unable to be opened without the UnBar.[citation needed]
  • "Begird and Preserve": Causes a sheet of white light to come up from the floor which protects those inside it.
  • Begone: Returns Darke things to their orginal place and state.[citation needed]
    • "Begone, Back to where you were, When you were, What you were!"
  • "Between the spells within our power, Give us one Harmonious Hour.": Links two different spells, such as Unseen.
  • "Blow!": Calls up the wind.[citation needed]
  • BoneFyre: Destroys most objects.[citation needed]
    • "Pure Fyre, Burn higher, Make a Pyre, A True BoneFyre"
  • Boomerang Spell: Makes someone return to the sender.[citation needed]


  • Call: Makes the person who was Called wish to come to the Caller.[citation needed]
  • Camouflage: Hides something from view.[citation needed]
  • Cause: Makes something happen.[citation needed]
  • Change of Dress Spell: Changes clothing.[citation needed]
  • CharmLock: Seals a room or building.[citation needed]
  • Cheese Charm: Makes a House Mouse, which has a wide variety of uses.[citation needed]
    • "Mouse of Mine, look at me, Mouse of Mine, you will be, Mouse of Mine for a year and a day, Mouse of Mine, you will not stray"
  • Chocolate Charm: Turns any object into chocolate.[1]
    • "Take me, shake me,and I shall make thee Quetzalcoatl's Tchocolatl"
  • "Clean": Cause dirt to be shaken off and cloths to mop up spills.[citation needed]
  • Cleaning Spell: Presumably similar to Clean, listed above.[citation needed]
  • Clean-Up Spell: Presumably similar to Clean, listed above.[citation needed]
  • Conceal: Presumably similar to Camoflage, listed above.[citation needed]
  • "Congeal and Dry. Solidify!": Destroys slime-based Darke Things.[citation needed]
  • Consumption: A nasty Darke way of quick Reduction to a Shadow.[citation needed]


  • Disguise: Presumably similar to Camoflage.[citation needed]
  • "Deep clean": A very stong clean (see flyte).[citation needed]
  • Dragon Naming: Names an Imprinted dragon.[citation needed]
    • "Oh, faithful companion and fearless friend, who will be with me until the end, I name thee [name]"
  • "Dry clothes on": Makes dry clothing appear on body.[citation needed]


  • Enchanted Snake: A two-stage spell. The first brings snakes out of hiding. After picking one, say the second part.[citation needed]
    1. "Those that slither on the ground, come to me and gather round"
    2. "I choose You to Be My Shield, A Charm-ed Rope of Snakeskin Steel, Guard Me Well from All Who Seek, To Cause Me Harm and Make Me Weak, Be My Snake for a Year and a Day, Then You'll Be Free to Go Your Way"
  • Enlarging Glass: Makes objects seen bigger.[citation needed]
  • Enlarging Spell: Enlarges intended target.[citation needed]
  • Erase Spell: Erases ink.[citation needed]
  • Expanding Booger Spell: Presumably expands boogers.[citation needed]
  • Expel: Expels Darke things with a rush of air.[citation needed]


  • Fast Freeze Charm: Quickly Freezes the target.[citation needed]
  • Fetch Spell: Fetches object.[citation needed]
  • FireLighter Spell: Lights a fire.[citation needed]
  • Five-Minute DeepClean Spell: DeepCleans for five minutes (the longer the CleanRepair, or Anti-Darke, the better)[citation needed]
  • FizzBom Cube: When combined with hot water, makes FizzFroot.[2]
  • FlickFyre: A box with a wire running around the rim. When you flick it, it lights with fire.[citation needed]
  • Flyte Charm: Made of the gold spun by the Spiders of Aurum. Triggers the Lost Art of Flyte.[citation needed]
    • "Fly Free with Me"
  • Fog: Calls up a Fog.[citation needed]
    • "Murken Wake and Refuge Make!"
  • "Fold": Makes laundry fold itself.[citation needed]
  • Freeze: See Fast-Freeze Charm.[citation needed]
  • Fumigate[citation needed]


  • Hear Human Breath from Beyond: Lets the user hear all humans breathing.[citation needed]
  • Heat Spell: Creates heat.[citation needed]
  • Hidden Seeks[citation needed]
  • House Mouse: See Cheese Charm.


  • Ice Stick: When pressed against something it ices over.[citation needed]
  • Identify: The way to get rid of a Personal Placement.[citation needed]
    • "Hand on heart, Eye to eye, I you Identify, As [name]"
  • Ignite: Ignites a young dragon.[citation needed]
    • "Ignite"
  • Illusion: See Projection.[citation needed]
  • IllWatching: Like Watching, only when you wish them ill.[citation needed]
  • Infinite Clean Spell: A cleaning spell with no time limit.[citation needed]


  • KeepSafe: One of the Belt Charms of the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, it is particularly powerful and keeps the holder safe from almost all things that wish them ill.[citation needed]


  • Listen[citation needed]
  • Locum Tenens:[citation needed]
    • "[dragon name], look at me and I will tell you the five things you must understand.
      First: [dragon name], in good faith I tell you that your Imprintor is lost.
      Second: [dragon name], in good faith I bring you that which belongs to your Imprintor.
      Third: [dragon name], in good faith I tell you that I am your Navigator.
      Fourth: [dragon name], in good faith I ask you to accept me as your Locum Imprintor.
      Fifth: [dragon name], in good faith I beseech you to find your true Imprintor, through fire and water, earth and air, wherever he may be."


  • Magnet: Attracts lost objects.[citation needed]
  • "Make [what one wants to make]": Creates an object.[citation needed]
  • Materialize[citation needed]
  • MindScreen: Has three stages. Effectively screens your mind from MindReading.[citation needed]


  • Navigate: Charm is a small wire cross.[citation needed]
    • "Lead us here through dale and dell, Guide us true and guide us well"


  • Obscure: Makes part of an object unable to be viewed.[citation needed]
  • One and All Spell: Connects locks so that if one is locked, all the others will be as well.[citation needed]
  • One-Minute Dry Clean Spell: Dry cleans in one minute.[citation needed]
  • One-second Dry Clean Spell: Dry cleans in one second.[citation needed]
  • "Open": Causes a door to open.[citation needed]


  • Phantasm: See Projection.[citation needed]
  • Preserve Pot: Used to create and store Shield Bugs.[citation needed]
  • Projection: A Reverse image of the thing being Projected.[citation needed]


  • Quarantine: The most powerful form of Anti-Darke.[citation needed]


  • Reading: Mindreading.[citation needed]
  • ReFill: ReFills empty things.[citation needed]
  • Remote Search: Searches the distant lands for who the Searcher wishes to find.[citation needed]
  • Remove Spell: Removes an object from a building or room.[citation needed]
  • ReNew: Makes an object like new.[citation needed]
  • Repair: Repairs a broken object.[citation needed]
  • Restore: Restores an object.[citation needed]
  • Reverse: Has two different uses:
    1. Reverses the purpose of an object or spell (i.e. make a Bother helpful)[citation needed]
    2. Returns a charm or spell to its orginator.[citation needed]
  • Rogue Recollections: Changes one's memories.[citation needed]
  • Rush Dust: Makes the one whom it is put on speed up.[citation needed]


  • SafeCharm: Keeps the holder safe.[citation needed]
  • SafeCharm (Live): Contains a live jinn.[citation needed]
  • SafeCharm (Scarab)[citation needed]
  • SafeShield Spell: Creates a Shield.[citation needed]
  • SafetyLock[citation needed]
  • Scream Screen: Allows no sound through.[citation needed]
  • Seal: Seals an object.[citation needed]
  • See[citation needed]
  • Seek: Allows the user to search for something.[citation needed]
  • Seeker's Charm[citation needed]
  • Send:[citation needed]
    • "Go You where I Send, Tarry not until the End, Stay you where I Tell, Mark You This and Mark it Well"
  • Shoe Renew: Repairs shoes.[citation needed]
  • Shrink Spell: Causes someone or something to shrink gradually over time.[citation needed]
  • Siege: Stops all Magyk within a building and lets no one leave the Sieged building.[citation needed]
  • Sleep Suggestion: Makes a dragon sleepy.[citation needed]
  • "Speeke, Rattus Rattus": Lets a Message Rat speak, can be undone with UnSpeeke, Rattus Rattus.[citation needed]
  • StayFresh: Allows food to stay fresh.[citation needed]
  • StinkScreen[citation needed]
  • StunFlash: Like a ThunderFlash, only less violent.[citation needed]
  • Summon: Summons an object.[citation needed]
  • Summoning Charm: Summons a Thing. It is a wafer-thin black diamond that is cold to the touch.[citation needed]
  • Spy Fly: Whatever your fly sees you will see in your crystal ball.[citation needed]
    • "wher' ere you are, wher' ere you be, you will show me, what you see"


  • Taste Charm: Turns an object into a kind of food.[citation needed]
  • Teeth Release: Makes someone open their jaws.[citation needed]
  • ThunderFlash: A Darke ball of energy.[citation needed]
  • Transfix: Makes someone (or something) unable to move or look away.[citation needed]
  • Transformation: When an ExtraOrdinary Wizard becomes such even when the previous ExtraOrdinary Wizard is unwilling.[citation needed]
  • Translucent Spell: Makes something see-through one way.[citation needed]
  • Transport: Transports the speaker to the place of their asking.[citation needed]
    • "Dissapear, Reapear, Somewhere else, Take me there, Take me to [name of location]"
  • Transmute: Cause something to turn into something else.[citation needed]
  • Transubstantiate Triple: Heals the Dragon Boat.[citation needed]
  • True Love Charm: Causes someone to love you.[citation needed]


  • UnBar: Counteracts a Bar.[citation needed]
  • UnDo: UnDoes another spell.[citation needed]
  • UnSeal Spell: UnSeals a Sealed object.[citation needed]
  • Unseen: Turns the user invisible.[citation needed]
    • "Let me fade into the aire, let those who seek me know not where, let them seek me, pass me by, let no harm reach me from their eye."
    • Nicko Heap's Unseen also makes the user completely silent.[citation needed]
      • "Not seen, Not heard, Not a whisper not a word"


  • Watch: Makes the Watcher be able to view someone even if they are far away.[citation needed]
  • WaterGnome: A garden gnome with a watering can that eternally pours water from its can, more often than not, has a stubborn personality.[citation needed]
  • Well Purifier[citation needed]
    • "Pure and clean this well shall stay, Shielded from Darke for a year and a day"
  • "Wet clothes off": Makes wet clothes come off.[citation needed]


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