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Julius Pike was known as an ExtraOrdinary Wizard in his Time. He was apprenticed to the former ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Myriam D. Drommendurry.[citation needed]


Early life

Julius started life growing up on a farmhouse with mother, Martha Pike, and four much older brothers.[citation needed] The farmhouse was largely isolated, save for the access to the Smuggler's Bolt.[citation needed] Because of the bolt, the farmhouse had many 'visitors', who were fed by Martha (in exchange for some "merchandise". Through these people, Julius heard stories, and it was a Wizard, and part time smuggler, who sparked his interest in magic.[citation needed]

At age 14, Julius left home to start an Apprenticeship at the Wizard Tower, though whenever he felt homesick, he'd Bolt home.[citation needed]

Friendship with Marcellus Pye

He was a close friend of the Alchemist Marcellus Pye, who once gave him a (rude) WaterGnome on his birthday.[citation needed] This friendship came to an abrupt end after the Alchemie disaster, which Julius blamed Marcellus for. It was, in fact, the fault of Julius, who, without proper protocols, had tried to get rid of The Two-Faced Ring by throwing it in the Alchemie Fyre. After this, Julius destroyed or hid a large number of documents and manuscripts (mostly relating to Alchemie), and tried to erase any documented existence of Marcellus.[citation needed]

As an ExtraOrdinary Wizard

Julius himself had at least two Apprentices, both of whom had the misfortune to draw the Questing stone.[citation needed] It is believed that Tertius Fume disliked him, which is why both of his Apprentices were sent on the Queste.[citation needed]

Most notable of the two is his first Apprentice, Syrah Syara, who, at age nineteen, drew the Questing Stone out of the Pot. Syrah is very fond of Julius, dedicating her journal to him, and Julius was also fond of Syrah, allowing her access to the Fyre Chamber through the Covert way, and not having the heart to remove her Identity from it when she vanished.[citation needed]

Until recently, Julius spent his time as a ghost at the farmhouse where he grew up, which is now run by his descendent, Mooman.[citation needed]