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Jim Knee was not always a jinnee. He/she started life as a woman, being the Turtle Trader's fourth wife.[1]


Life as the Turtle Trader's fourth wife was presumably difficult for Jim Knee, as he chose to leave it the long existance of jinn. The wise woman he once made that decision about twenty-five thousand years before his first encounter with Septimus Heap, and in between he has lived many lives and served many masters. One of the more pleasurable was Eastern Snow Princess, to whom the djinn was a handmaiden, and who went to the House of Foryx. He also endured many less enjoyable lives, cleaning a feted King's stable (in reference to Greek Mythology) and working the kitchens of the Port Palace as a cook name Tulula Crumb.[citation needed] Currently he is Released from the gold bottle into which some long-ago which trapped him. Aunt Zelda Woke him from his sleep inside the flask, to work as a powerful live safe charm for Septimus. Unfortunately, the person who opened the bottle was Merrin Meredith, and it is for this reason that he has his... particular name.

Despite his eternal reluctance to do things quickly, Jim Knee has worked well for Septimus and his friends, Transforming into the most unpleasant shapes to get them out of trouble.

He sometimes Hibernates on Madam Marcia Overstrand's purple couch.[citation needed]


  • Jim Knee could change his/her gender, and hves been female and male at different points of his/her life.[citation needed]
  • In his current form, he thinks his ears are rather large, but he loves his absurd yellow had.
  • He looks rather like a huge banana.
  • When it involves making fun of his/her current master, the djinn has a very selective sence of humor.


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