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Jillie Djinn was the Chief Hermetic Scribe at the Manuscriptorium.


Becoming the Chief Hermetic Scribe

Jillie Djinn first became Chief Hermetic Scribe when Hugh Fox was fired due to being coerced into aiding Simon Heap with the Placement, which would have killed Marcia Overstrand had it succeeded, and was very unpopular with the scribes.[1] Jillie Djinn was meant to be Picked during the previous Manuscriptorium Draw, but DomDaniel wanted a Chief Hermetic Scribe who would do his bidding, and thus, he fixed the Pick.[2]

Hiring Merrin Meredith

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She hired Merrin Meredith (who was using the name "Daniel Hunter" at the time), against O. Beetle Beetle's better judgment. She later fired Beetle and gave Merrin his job.[3] Merrin proceeded to control her using the Two-Faced Ring.[4][5]


Jillie was prostrated on the couch next to Jim Knee when the Darke Domaine overtook Marcia's rooms, but was killed when Marcia cast the Great UnDoing.[6] She was succeeded by Beetle as the Chief Hermetic Scribe.[7]


As ghosts must remain for a year and day in the place where they entered ghosthood, Jillie's ghost occupied Marcia's sofa, and had not spoken as of three-months-in the duration,[8] though not long after, seeing Beetle wearing the same Chief Hermetic Scribe robes she was wearing, prompted her to finally realized she was dead, which caused her to howl out in grief.[9]



Jillie was somewhat stubborn, strict and annoyingly officious and was not on good terms with Marcia Overstrand.

Physical attributes

Jillie was described as being short and round.[citation needed]

Jillie Djinn, as a new ghost, was described as a bright figure: her dark blue robes having a crisp outline while her round face clearly showing her expressions.[8]


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