Hugo Tenderfoot

Hugo Tenderfoot was once a house servant but has been a great Physician of his Time.


Hugo had been on one adventure with Septimus, who was the Alchemie Apprentice 500 years ago. Hugo is described as a boy with earnest gray eyes, freckles and the sandy-colored hair with the usual pudding-basin haircut that all the children had. Hugo is offended with the phrase "Begone with You!" for it is something that his elder brother, his two elder sisters and his cousins who live around the corner said regularly. Thus, it gives him the idea that his family doesn't like him. Hugo went with Septimus when he was going through the Ice Tunnels and saved his life when they were on the Banquet. He accidentally spilled the boiling orange sauce on Queen Etheldredda's lap. He was also with them when Septimus, Jenna and Sir Hereward were escaping the search party led by the Queen. When they were heading to the UnderCook's Coat cupboard he said he wanted to go home and see his dog, Sally. Sir Hereward escorted him to the house he lives in. Hugo is very thankful that he met Septimus Heap. He never forgot Septimus and the time he had spent patiently teaching him all he learned about Physik. After Sir Hereward had taken him home, Hugo realized that his family loved him after all and he became more confident. When Marcellus Pye found Hugo reading a Physik book, when he was supposed to be on door duty, instead of being angry he took him as his Apprentice instead. He is the ancestor of Jenna Heap's friend from The Ramblings, Bo Tenderfoot.[1]


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