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The House of Foryx is where All Times Do Meet. It is governed by the Rule of the House of Foryx, which is once you cross the threshold into the House of Foryx, you belong to no time at all. You can only get back into your time if someone is waiting for you on the outside of the door of the House of Foryx.

If you enter outside the house without anyone waiting, you could just get to anywhere in time. Even to the time, when the house didn't exist.


Set on an island that is surrounded by a chasm full of white, swirling mist, the House of Foryx is guarded by a phalanx of foryx, who have been Caused to run around it for eternity. The only way to access it is by a thin, wire bridge that winds around several curves before ending at the House of Foryx itself. The House of Foryx is more like a fortress than a house. It is made of granite rock and is perched on a rocky escarpment. There is a central octagonal tower surrounded by four smaller octagonal towers. There are some small windows, but they are covered in a swirling oily sheen.


The House of Foryx was built by Hotep-Ra. He made it as a refuge he could go to when he got old. He also set up the Queste to keep himself abreast of the news back at the Castle.