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This is a favourite first spell for many Apprentices.[citation needed] The spell will give you a faithful companion in your early days of learning Magyk and someone to talk to on those days when no spell goes well.[citation needed] Like many Creature spells, it is time-limited to a year and a day, for no Creature should be made a slave to Magyk forever.

Spell Book: House Mouse spells can be found in most Basyk Magyk books.

The Charm: generally written on a piece of cheese. If the cheese has become moldy or damp, it is advisable to rewrite the spell on a new piece.


First catch your mouse.

Hold securely in both hands and give the mouse the Cheese Charm to eat. Look the mouse directly in the eye and chant the Incantation in a low voice, so as not to alarm the creature:

Mouse of Mine Look at Me,
Mouse of Mine You Will Be,
Mouse of Mine for a year and a day,
Mouse of Mine You Will Not Stray.

When the mouse finishes the Cheese Charm, you will have a House Mouse.

A House Mouse will:

  • Fetch and carry objects.
  • Listen to your problems attentively.
  • Sit happily in your pocket all day long.
  • Play any board game you wish.
  • Run errands.
  • Take messages to your friends.