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Hotep-Ra was the architect of the Wizard Tower, the first Dragon Master, once owner of the Dragon House, the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and rumored to be the first Darke Wizard. His best friend was Tertius Fume until one day while he was away Fume took over the Wizard Tower and sent guards to kill Hotep-Ra, but he overpowered them. Ra then went into hiding at the House of Foryx, which, thanks to his magical talents, he was able to enter and leave at any time and be sure of returning when he wanted.


Dragon Boat

The Dragon Boat

Hotep-Ra was not only the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard, but the orginal Dragon Master. Hotep-Ra had a dragon, which transformed into a boat so he could sail with her. But she crashed and the Castle and the Port inhabitants rebuilt her, while the Queen would visit her.[citation needed] When she was moved to the White Witch's cabin, the Queen and Princess would visit her on the Midsummer's Day.[citation needed] Only the wearer of the Dragon Ring could be the Dragon Master.

The House of Foryx and the Queste

The House of Foryx

Hotep-Ra created the House of Foryx, where All Times Do Meet. He currently lives there, waiting for someone on A Queste to come. He created the Queste as a game of chance, and the winner of the draw could come and meet him, escorted by the Questing Guards. There were twenty-one Questing Stones in the Draw. All of the stones were numbered, so he would know when the Questes were over. He had no idea that Tertius Fume was making it into a game of murder. The cycle was broken thanks to a brilliant young ExtraOrdinary Apprentice named Septimus Heap.

Behind the scenes

  • Hotep-Ra was likely named after Imhotep,[citation needed] the first mortal magic user from Egyptian mythology, and Ra, the king of the gods, lord of order, god of the sun and magic, and the god that gifted humanity with magic.