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Garmin have pale skin, two yellow eyes, a black forked tongue, two fangs, and two powerful hind legs.

In the TodHunter Moon Series

Garmin (as shown in the book Pathfinder from the TodHunter Moon series)

Garmin first appeared in the TodHunter Moon series. They are used by the OutPost people to track down/imprison any PathFinders. Ferdie Sarn, Oskar Sarn's twin sister, was taken by Garmin and imprisoned to be a sewing girl for the Lady. They were also instructed by Aunt Mitza to kill/take away Alice TodHunter Moon. Tod escapes in time, and Aunt Mitza is taken away. However, she is in the Far, and while Tod is in the Castle, she instructs the Garmin to Find Tod. Marcia eventually kills them and Tod is safe.


Garmin are predators but are non-venomous. They make sounds like click-click-clicker-click.