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The Flyte Charm is an ancient charm created from the threads of the Spiders of Aurum. It is used to access the skill of Flyte.


There are two parts of the charm. The first is the pair of tiny white, feathered Wings that are inscribed with the words: "Fly Free With Me." The second part is a mini golden Arrow inscribed with the words: " ." When connected the two separate, incomplete Charms form the Flyte Charm.


The Flyte Charm was an Ancient Charm that gives the user the ability to fly using the Ancient Lost Art of Flyte. During Etheldredda's Time, Marcellus Pye and his wife Broda Pye owned it. Aunt Zelda claims that Broda tore the Charm apart to keep some for herself.

Septimus owned the Charm after taking the Charm from Simon.[1]

Marcellus took this charm away from Septimus, while he kept him in past. He later gave it back, after Septimus traveled back to his own time.[2]

Marcia locked up the spell, in order to get Septimus to stay more focused during his study of Magyk.[3]


Known users of the full charm

Known users of the Arrow portion of charm

Known users of the Wing portion of charm


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