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Ernold Heap is one of Benjamin Heap's children and is one of the first generation of Heap Brothers. He has a twin brother, Edmund.


Not much is known about their early life, except they possibly lived in the Ramblings with their mother Jenna Crackle and Benjamin Heap. Using the fact that they are 46 during Fyre, and the date Septimus wrote on the snow, it is likely they were born during the year 11 958.

Septimus's Welcome Back party

On the day Septimus returned from his Alchemie month with Marcellus Pye, Jenna Heap hosted a party. During the party, Ernold arrived with his brother and reunited with Silas. They spoke strangely however, and their speech was very reminiscent of the speech of two Darke wizards Shamandrigger Saarn and Dramindonnor Naarn.

Consuming Habitation

After staying in the the Palace for a while, Ernold and Edmond were brought to the Wizard Tower by Silas as Conjurors. Marcia Overstrand grudgingly accepted them into the Tower. One night, when they were put on Seal Watch, the Two-Faced Ring Migrates and the two spirits of Shamandrigger Saarn and Dramindonnor Naarn InHabit them and they go through a Consuming Habitation.


Ernold Heap is the son of Benjamin Heap and Jenna Crackle. He has six brothers and a sister; Alfred Heap, Hengist Heap, Lois Heap, Garth Heap, Edmund Heap and Silas Heap.

He the uncle of Silas's seven children (Nicko Heap, Simon Heap, Sam Heap, Jo-Jo Heap, Erik Heap, Edd Heap, and Septimus Heap) as well as Jenna Heap who is Silas's adoptive daughter.

His aunt is Zelda Zanuba Heap and his uncle is Theo Heap.