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Ephaniah Grebe was once a man until he was cornered by two darke books and he was turned him into a rat.

Morwenna Mould helped him but the remedy, but she was only able to partially turn him back into a human. Ephaniah longed for the days that he could walk freely without people staring and longed for him to be able to speak human again.


Ephaniah works as the Conservation, Preservation and Protection Scribe at The Manuscriptorium. When people talk to him, he only answers in the form of writing in a card. But, unlike other people and animals, they can understand RatSpeak such as Morwenna and Stanley.[citation needed]

Ephaniah agreed to take Septimus, Jenna and Beetle to the Forest Way, where it can lead to other Forests. But when he asks Morwenna for help, he says it is not hers to give and he should pay a price. Septimus and Beetle overheard the young Wendron Witches talking about the price that Ephaniah should pay. And when they heard Jenna in the conversation, they knew she was the princess. Septimus, Jenna and Beetle immediately went to Camp Heap in the safety of their brothers. Ephaniah went out of the Forest and was beginning the walk to the Manuscriptorium in the basement where he works and lives, when he bumped into the InHabited Hildegarde Pigeon and remembered nothing more. He then was inhabited by the thing and he followed Jenna, Beetle and Septimus to one of the Refuge cottages. When he was discovered outside by the trio, Septimus set the cottage on fire but the InHabited Ephaniah escaped. The trio began their way to the bridge to the Toll-Man. The Thing that InHabited Ephaniah went out of him and InHabited the Toll-Man instead. He was then brought up by Septimus and Beetle in the treehouse near the bridge. Jenna fed him food and he awakened a little but still has little strength. After the trio went to the House of Foryx, Spit Fyre carries him to the Wizard Tower along with the trio, Ullr, Nicko, Snorri, Marcia and Sarah. He was overtaken by a raging fever. The only thing he remembered was him being on the Wizard Tower sick bay.[1]