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All that Darke stuff is depressing. When that awful bloke came back to the Wizard Tower my hamster died, my mum got a huge boil on her nose and the cat ran away.

O. Beetle Beetle, Flyte

To Septimus, Darke Magyk is what Darke wizards practice. The first Darke wizard is rumored to be Hotep-Ra who was also the first ExtraOrdinary wizard and the creator of the whole Magykal order. In the first book it is said by the Witch Mother that DomDaniel had offered Alther Mella to the Darke side. "The Other Side" is what Marcia Overstrand, Alther Mella, Septimus Heap, and Jenna Heap call it because it is not just Darke Magyk that is used by those on the Darke Side.

Frequently, but not always, Darke Incantations are Reverse chants, which are almost always evil, and only make sense if read backwards, hence their name. Usually alchemists use and explore Darke more than wizards. Also using Darke Magyk can result in  being able to breathe under water like Simon Heap.