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Darke is the sixth book in the Septimus Heap series. The cover of the book modelled after the The Darke Index with the Darke Disguise lying on top, and the Two-Faced Ring on the back. It was released in June 2011 in the USA and released in October in the U.K.


The story starts off with Marcia Overstrand accidentally Banishing the ghost of Alther Mella, and wishes to retrieve him. Septimus's Darke Week is starting, which and he decides to travel to the Darke Halls to retrieve Alther. Meanwhile, Merrin Meredith uses the power of the Two-Faced Ring to permeate Darkenesse throughout the Castle through a Darke Domaine. The story evolves around how Marcia Overstrand struggles to prevent the Domaine from entering, Septimus attempting to rescue Alther with the help of Marcellus Pye the Alchemist, and the rest of the characters helping one another to defeat Merrin Meredith and to resist the Darknesse.


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  • The cover of the book represents "The Darke Index", which was introduced earlier in the series, and hence the title of the book (look on the top of the page for details.)