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Bill Fox, more commonly known to all as Foxy, is a scribe and the son of the disgraced former Chief Hermetic Scribe, Hugh Fox.


Foxy and O. Beetle Beetle became good friends and he in fact became Beetle's best friend in the Manuscriptorium; he introduced Beetle to sausage sandwiches and was always ready to cover for him.[citation needed] Foxy did his best but he often ended up in the Manuscriptorium infirmary.[citation needed] He was terrified of Jillie Djinn but he enjoyed his work.

In certain places, he has also been referred to as William, or Will, and may have two names, or be undecided.

Physical attributes

Foxy was described as an impossibly thin, tall young man.[citation needed]

Skills and abilities

Foxy is prone to fainting spells.[citation needed]