Septimus Heap Wiki

The Badlands lie northwest of The Castle. Full of abandoned slate quarries and a chain of mountains, they are the home of the dreaded and loathed Great Land Wurm.

It is to these wastes that DomDaniel fled after Alther pushed him from the top of the tower, and from there that he directed the actions of the Supreme Custodian as he took control of the Castle. Protected by the reputation of the Wurm, and a collection of servant maygogs, his old lair 'the Observatory' is built into one of the Badland's great cliffs. Reached by a long Wurum tunnel, it has also housed Simon Heap and Lucy Gringe, an old tennis-turned-tracker ball called Sleuth, and a stable for Thunder. For a short time, it also held Jenna when she was a prisoner of Simon's. Since that occasion, the Obervatory has gained a certain chocolate door.

It is a place filled with strange, and usually Darke Magyks, like the great Camera Obscura that can focus on any part of the surrounding countryside and show it in perfect detail, or a jar of flying beetles that can be used as light, or the soggy bag of DomDaniel's bones. Well, until Spit Fyre ate them for breakfast.

Many of these potions, spells and objects are kept in the Endless Cupboard, into which Merrin travels to retrieve the Two Faced Ring.