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Alice Nettles, born Iona Pot[1], was raised by her aunt during her youth.


Alice had a good relationship with Alther Mella, and Alther would skip events just to see her. He also fulfilled Alice's dream of being a Judge, but it was taken away from her when the Custodians invaded. She then was made Chief Customs Officer of the Port. Alice helped Nicko Heap and Jenna Heap locate the looking glass for the search of Septimus.[2]


Alice sacrificed her life for Jenna when a Named bullet from a silver pistol was aimed at the latter; inscribed with the letters I.P. – short for Infant Princess, the bullet was supposedly not possible of missing a target, but with Alice's real name sharing the same initials, she took the bullet instead.[1]


As a ghost, Alice was reunited with her lover in life, Alther Mella. Following the coronation of Jenna Heap as queen, she established an informal court system that was run by Alice.[3]


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